Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Prepared For Cold Weather

The campground here has a list of rules.  It has a list of rules for short-term campers and an even longer list for long-term campers.  The rules keep the campground looking nice, so I guess it is a good thing.  The one thing on the list that surprised us is that all sewer hoses have to be off the ground.  Dad said it is so that they can cut the grass without worrying about running not the sewer hoses.  However, one of the rules is that each camper must maintain their site and they have lawnmowers available for us to use. Mama was not happy when she read that rule.  Dad told her not to worry about it because the grass is not going to grow anymore and if it does, he will force them to tell us to cut our grass.

Dad always has to be different and he didn't want to buy the regular sewer hose lifters that they sell in the store.  He made his own. It is a plastic gutter.  It works quite well and it does look nice.  The water on the ground is not from the sewer hose.  We have a small leak that Dad couldn't fix on Sunday.  It is on the project list for this coming weekend, I think.

Dad also had to insulate our hose so that it doesn't freeze.  It is a requirement to keep our water turned on.  Mama was a little nervous last Friday because it was a cold, rainy day and we didn't have it insulated yet.  The windchill was 32, but it didn't actually freeze here.  We may need to plug in the "water heater thingy" this week though as the temps are supposed to dip slightly below freezing.  We are lucky we left Sycamore when we did because it is looks like it has gotten below freezing there and the water has probably been turned off in the section we were staying.  Mama didn't know they turned the water off there until right before we left. Can you imagine how miserable she would have been if they turned our water off?  Okay, so back to the title of the post, we are prepared for winter now that our hose is insulated and our hose if off the ground.  Last year, our sewer hose froze in Denver and it turned into a messy experience for day.  BOL!

Another one of the rules here is that we are not allowed to have a clothes line.  That is pretty common because it can look trashy when people leave their clothes out.  Dad made Mom a "clothes line"a few months ago. She started using it here on Sunday and so far, she has not gotten in trouble for it.

The clothes hanger hangs underneath the slide.  It is held up by suction cups.  It works quite well.
Mama hangs Dad's pants to dry off the ladder in the back of the RV.  If it is a windy day, she doesn't have to iron because the wrinkles fall out. 

We are backed to the woods, so no one sees the pants. She ties the hangers on with bungee cords.

We are settled into our new campground.  Scout and I are enjoying the dog park. We also enjoying the trails through the woods.  We have to climb a big hill to get to the top and then we can stay on the main trail or we can move down to another trail that is at a lower level.  There are so many squirrels here.  I could just stare at them all day long!

Bunny asked us which apple orchard the folks visited when we were in Sycamore.  They went to Kuipers Family Farm. The folks enjoyed it.  She also asked if the folks have been to the Abraham Lincoln Library/Museum.  Yes, they have. They really liked it.  It is not considered one of the "official" libraries though.  Mama can't remember why.  The official ones are:

I was also asked if I got my walk in yesterday.  Yes, I did!  I didn't even edit my post, so I hope it was okay.  All work and no play makes Joey a whiny boy.

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