Friday, October 25, 2013

Spooky Photos!

We dipped below freezing last night and now it is raining leaves, black walnuts and acorns.  We have never seen leaves fall so fast.  It really sounds like it is raining when you walk under trees.  The black walnuts are falling too, but we are staying away from them because they may hurt when they hit. Leaves bounced off my nose and they just tickled.  I bet walnuts are not as much fun.  BOL!

Our neighbor's hose sprung a leak last night and water is all over.  He stayed here last year, but he said he rented a camper.  He bought a new fifth wheel for this winter, but he is definitely a newbie when it comes to setting it up.  He has been having a heck of a time.  We thought he had his hose hooked up okay, but something happened.  I guess it is possible that he didn't have his heat tape or whatever it is called plugged in.

The campground is having Halloween festivities this weekend. They are having a pumpkin launch, hayride and trick or treating.  We may dress up and participate in the trick or treating.  We will have to see how cold it is tomorrow night.

Ready to see our "spooky" photos?

"Are you being abducted, Scout?"


"This is so strange. It is touching me now."

"It's okay.  It is just the sun causing a neat effect with the camera. That was close."
The Greyhound Who Thought Something Super Natural Was Happening To Him

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