Thursday, October 24, 2013

Dallas or Houston? Decisions, Decisions

We made a decision early in the summer that we would be spending our winter in Houston at the campground we stayed at last winter.  We learned recently that we may have trouble getting reservations.  Dad told Mama to hold off making reservations because he wasn't for sure on our arrival date and it was possible that he might be sent some place warm.  Mama decided to email a friend that lives in the Dallas area and ask her about the winters there.  We really liked when we stayed in Arlington, but Mama was scared of the ice that they get.  Mama's friend told her that they get ice maybe once a winter and it lasts at the most two days.  She told Mama of a nice campground near where she lives.  Mama checked out the campground and it is super nice.  They have activities for the campers and it is a safe area.  The price of the campground is more than we normally pay.  Mama called to see if electricity is included in the monthly rent and it is.  Well, that made the campground even more tempting. 

Mama spent the weekend debating between Houston and Dallas.  She checked out the average temperatures for Dallas and they are about 10 degrees cooler at night than Houston and that makes a huge difference because they do get below freezing.  However, Dallas is 3.5 hours closer than Houston and we would save time and gas money by staying in Dallas.  The rent is $200 more even with the electric being included in Dallas.  We know people at the Houston campground and it is fully fenced and there are three fenced dog areas.  Decisions, decisions!  Mama decided to call Houston and if they had a spot for us, we would stay there. 

Mama called Houston on Monday morning and the manager remembered her and Mama's friend, Becky, was actually at the front desk.  Yes, they have a spot for us, so that is where we are staying!  Mama says it feels right.  It will be nice to see how many people that we met last year are still there. 

Dad is hoping that he will be able to join us in January or that he is sent some place warm where we can all be together.  We did consider staying here through the winter, but it is just not practical.  We thought about staying in a motel when it gets really cold, but what if Dad is sent someplace warm and the motor home is snowed in?  That would be really bad.  It would also be a pain living in a motel room.  Scout said they did that a few years ago and it was not fun.

We decided that staying in Texas was the best thing for us this year.  We may do something different next year.  It seems like our plans are constantly changing.

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