Friday, October 4, 2013

Another Rainy Day

We think rain is BORING. It rained yesterday, today and probably tomorrow.  However, it appears that we could have it much worse.  We could be in a blizzard or a tropical storm/hurricane or having severe storms.  Our country is having some wild weather right now. I guess a boring, raining day is not so bad.

Mama and Buddy went out on Monday and Wednesday of this week.  Mama's top speed is now 42.  She still prefers being in traffic than going fast.  She said she now has to watch her speed so she doesn't get a ticket.  Dad put a basket on the back of Buddy and now Mama can really shop. She has a cargo net that goes over the basket so nothing flies out.  Wednesday, she shopped at Walmart and even stopped and picked up lunch on her way home at the Country Store.  She had a Big Steak Burrito.  Country Store is a butcher/catering shop near us that has awesome food.

Mama is hoping to go out later today, but it really depends on the weather.  Mama really likes Buddy now.  She wasn't so sure if she was going to like riding him.  She really didn't think it was fun at first.  BOL!

There is not a whole lot going on in our campground.  Many of the full-timers are leaving and heading south for the winter. We were sad to say good-bye to a pair of Italian Greyhounds that were here.  Their folks are wanting to adopt greyhounds when the Iggy's go to the bridge.  A couple from Florida, who are thinking of adopting greyhounds, left last week.  It was sad to see them leave.  There is a dog behind us that doesn't like us at all is leaving next week.  I don't think we will be sad to see her go.

The Greyhound Who Is Going To Sleep This Rainy Day Away

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