Friday, October 11, 2013

Scout Took A Shower

We learned last night from our friend, Donna, who lives in the next town over that there is a self-service pet wash near us.  It is really near us.  Like it is across the street.  BOL! Mama thought it was a full-service place and a doggy day care. (She didn't want Scout to have to be crated at a full-service place.)  Mama looked at the pictures online and saw the steps going into the tub and decided that it would be too hard to get Scout to do the steps.  Today, Mama and I attempted to walk there and check it out in person. The traffic was so bad that we couldn't get across the street.  Mama said Scout would just have to take a shower outside because she still had the odor.

I wanted to go out and watch, but Mama said "STAY INSIDE, JOEY!"  I know it would have been fun.  Mama hooked up Scout's cable to a picnic table and then adjusted the water so it was nice and warm. Scout just stood there. She didn't do anything.  Mama said it was easier than giving her a bath in a tub. She should have done it three days ago. So, folks, she is now clean and all we smell right now is baby powder scent since Mama used puppy shampoo on her.  We hope the smell doesn't come back.

After the shower, we were given our frosty treats, pumpkin favor, since Scout was so good.  It's nice when you both get rewarded if one of you is really good.  BOL!

No, the bed is not back. We didn't feel like posing for a new picture.  BOL!
Guess what?  We are leaving here next week.  Yep, we were supposed to leave right before Thanksgiving, but Dad is needed more elsewhere.  Mama was really sad when she found out. We were going to walk in the Pumpkin Fest parade with Greyhounds Only.  The Pumpkin Fest is HUGE here.  Pumpkins fill the town square and it is quite a celebration. She also wanted to do some shopping at their reunion in November.

Mama has been riding Buddy a lot this week and doing all the things that she wants to do before we leave.  She planned on going to garage sales today, but it was pretty cloudy this morning and too cool.  She said that even with the visor on her helmet, she has tears running down her face when it is chilly.  The wind really gets to her.  Anyway, it is pretty windy now, so I think she is just going to stay home with us.  Mama doesn't think she will be able to ride Buddy at our next destination because we are going to be in a rural area and not near town.  We will have to wait until we get there to know for sure.  Mama is a lot happier when she is able to get out and shop.  BOL!

The Greyhound Who Is Glad He Didn't Have To Take A Shower

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