Thursday, October 17, 2013

Where Are We?

I think we stumped everyone this time with our destination. 

This is entering Iowa.  It rained for a few hours as we made our way across Iowa.
Mama didn't realize that there is a Presidential library in Iowa.  It is Herbert Hoovers'.  She was sad and would have liked to have stopped but there wasn't enough time and it was closed due to the government shutdown.  She hopes to stop there sometime as she wants to visit all of them.

This was taken at the first rest area in Missouri after leaving Iowa.

Same rest area in Missouri.
We arrived at our new park at 4:45 p.m.

This is our site. We paid extra for a concrete pad. The gravel sites are not level.

The park has a lot of things for kids to do.  Here is one of the playgrounds.

The country store is really nice.  They sell a lot of groceries, camping items, wine, beer and they make pizzas and chicken wings.  They even deliver the pizza and wings to your site.

The park is decorated for Halloween.

The pool.

Cute sign.

Outdoor movie theatre.

What is that? Could it be a fenced dog area? No one told us about this!

It is a dog area!!!  Mama is more excited than us, but we like it too.

Scout likes it!

The outside is even decorated.

Yep, we like this place.
Okay, so have you guessed where we are?  We are in a small town near Kansas City, MO!  the Presidential Library that the folks want to visit is the Harry S. Truman Library/Museum.  They have stayed in this area before but were not interested in the Presidential libraries then.  Dad's work is just seven miles away.  He said he just takes back roads to get there.  It was really strange for Dad to go to work yesterday as he and Mama usually have a day to go exploring.  We spent the day exploring the campground with Mama.  This morning, Mama and I found a trail that went through the woods.  We had to stop a few times due to the hills. There are so many hills here.  We are used to walking on flat ground.  BOL!

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