Thursday, October 10, 2013

Why Does Scout Stink?

No, she didn't get sprayed by a skunk and I didn't pee on her.  It is still 50% my fault.  She says it is 100%, but I think she needs to take half the blame.  Okay, so here is what happened.  We came back from a walk on Tuesday and I ran in the house and drank some water, then ate some food, then drank more water, than ate more food and then drank more water and then went to the end of the big rug and threw it all up.  It was pretty impressive.  Mama wasn't happy because: 1) she has a weak stomach and sometime when I loose my cookies, she almost looses hers, 2) Dad wasn't home to clean it up and 3) we were out of paper towels.  So, Mama started cleaning it up with towels.  She actually gave me permission to help, but I declined and went back to my bowl and ate some more.  She told me to stop, but I was hungry.  The clean up process took a while since Mama was coughing and carrying on.  The rug was still pretty wet, so Mama folded it over so that the underneath could dry.  It is a 5 X 7.  She should have just put it outside, but she was scared we would slide on the floor.   Mama left to buy paper towels and when she got home, she found Scout sleeping on the wet, stinky carpet.  The smell from the carpet is now stuck to Scout and it is like that Seinfeld episode where Jerry's car stinks.  The smell seems to be multiplying.  It is on Scout, her collar, the bedding.  IT IS EVERYWHERE!   The solution would be to give Scout a bath.  Well, we don't have a shower that is big enough.  The next option is to give her a shower outside, but Mama is concerned with doing that by herself. However, that may still may happen.  We had baby wipes on hand, but they didn't do anything.  Mama tried plain water and also some light perfume.  Yesterday, she bought doggy wipes and puppy shampoo.  Today, she bought carpet cleaner.  We have lots of different odors going on in here now.  BOL!

The Greyhound Whose Sister Stinks Less Today Than Yesterday!  BOL!

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