Sunday, December 15, 2013

Cooking With A Ninja

Mama has been cooking with a Ninja.

Our Ninja
 A Ninja 3 In 1!  BOL!  

The first meal she prepared was a roast.  She browned it in the Ninja.

...and added some fresh mushrooms.
 She added a Campbell's Slow Cooker Sauce to it which she had not tried before. She thought the Tavern Roast Beef sounded really good.  Unfortuantely, she didn't really like the taste of it.  It wasn't Ninja's fault though.
The finished roast.
The next day, she decided to bake a chicken.  The recipe said to brown the chicken first in Ninja.

Yum, it looks pretty good like that.
The recipe then said to add chicken broth to the pan.  It was the first time Mama had used the Ninja to bake and didn't think about the chicken broth causing steam.  She then re-read the recipe and saw that this was a steam induced chicken.  It definitely steamed.  All our windows steamed up.  Mama was not totally pleased with the result of the chicken because she likes to eat the skin and the skin was no longer firm. The chicken was very moist though.  Scout and I gave it eight paws up!

The finished chicken is kind of wrinkled.
Today, Mama decided to fix baby back ribs.  She seasoned the ribs which were already cut up when she bought them.
Ribs being browned.
Mama then put the ribs on the baking rack and added beef broth.  Yes, this is once again the steam induced cooking.  They cooked for one hour and then Mama emptied the broth and baked them with BBQ sauce for 30 minutes.  The result was delicious!  Mama said they were some of the best ribs she has ever had.  We were not allowed to taste them.
BBQ Ribs
Mama is really liking the Ninja. The clean up is so much easier than using more than one pan.  The baking rack was a little messy today with the BBQ sauce, but it came clean with a SOS pad.

Tomorrow, we are going to have a visitor.  She is a follower of our blog.  We are supposed to be on our best behavior because she is interested in adopting a greyhound and we need to leave her with a good impression.  We were supposed to clean today, but decided we should enjoy the sunny weather.  We hope Miss Emily is not turned off by our home that is not as clean as it could be.

The Greyhound Who Hopes His Sister Doesn't Embarrass Him Tomorrow...BOL!

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