Thursday, December 5, 2013

Fun Police Is Out Of Town

Yep, that's right, we call Dad the fun police.  He likes to break up our fun.  Well, he is back in Kansas City for 19 days, so Mama says we are on "vacation".  Vacations mean fun, right?   BOL!

Here I am watching Dad pack yesterday.  I was sad.
Scout and I were sad to see Dad leave yesterday.  Mama drove him to the airport in rush hour, Houston rush hour.  Yikes!  She said it wasn't as bad as she expected.  They did a test run the day before because she had not been to that airport. She doesn't like driving at night or in heavy traffic and she got to do both yesterday.

Mama tried to get a picture of me in front of the flowers today, but this is all she got.  BOL!

What? Look at the camera?  How is this? BOL!
I feel more comfortable not looking at the camera.
Mama went shopping this morning.  She bought a crock pot cookbook that she has been wanting.  She switched her Emeals plan to the crock pot plan a few weeks ago and has enjoyed it  She is finding that she can fix just about anything in the crock pot, even spaghetti.  It is less dirty dishes which is an added bonus. She wants to get a crock pot that browns the meat so she doesn't have to use her electric skillet.  The one she really wants is really pricey and she hoped to find it on sale for Christmas, but so far it hasn't been.  She is thinking she may buy one that Walmart sells.  It gets really good reviews and is less than half the cost of the Cuisinart that she wants.  It probably makes sense to go cheaper in case she grows tried of cooking that way.

Can you believe the weather that is sweeping across the country?  We got here just in time.  It is even going to get cold here, but not nearly as bad as other places.  We are happy to be here even if it will be colder than normal. 

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