Monday, December 23, 2013

It Looks Like We Need The Fun Police Here

Last night, we walked to the fenced dog area.  Scout said "Joey, let's play."  I said "Okay".  We started zooming around.  Scout was in a crazy mood and pretended like she was going to plow into Mama.  Mama told her to slow down.  The next thing I knew, Scout and I got into a squabble.  Mama yelled at us to quit and she put our leashes on to take us home.  It was dark, so she couldn't check us over completely.  As she we were walking, she noticed that I kept licking my nose. She then saw it. Scout had bit my nose!  That's right, she bit the tip of my cute nose.  Can you believe that?  Mama got us home and she kept blotting my nose because it was bleeding.  It wasn't bleeding a lot and it didn't really bother me. She gave us a frosty treat because that is her way of determining if we are okay.  BOL!  I ate it, but she realized that me licking it was causing my nose to continue bleeding.  She called Dad and told him and he told her that it wouldn't have happened if the fun police was in town.  I don't know about that, but I bet he will be even more strict now.
Oh woe is me.
Scout never said she was sorry, but she did seem a little upset. I think she was more concerned that she was going to get in trouble than my injury.  She did give me a kiss this morning when we were walking, so I guess that is her way of trying to make up to me.
Don't let her innocent look fool you...her teeth are sharp.
 Mama said to tell you that my nose is okay and it looks much better this morning.  I was hoping to play it up a bit.  BOL!

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