Monday, December 16, 2013

We Did Good!

Emily from Sometimes I Wonder, Sometimes I Wander.... visited us today.  Mama told us to be on our best behavior because Miss Emily is thinking of adopting a greyhound.  We wanted to leave her with a good impression of our breed.  Do you know why it was really good that we were good?  She knows Santa!  Yep, he asked her to bring us some gifts.  Can you believe that?

We each got a Christmas tree that squeaks.

It's funny!

We also got Greenies and Fruitables.

We showed Miss Emily around our RV park.  She enjoyed walking us.  I was really good and didn't pull when she walked me. I kept checking to make sure that Mama was nearby though.  I am not used to anyone but Mama or Dad walking me.  Mama kept checking to see if I was really her boy.  BOL!

We sat outside for a while and Scout enjoyed having Miss Emily pet her.  Miss Emily didn't get tired of doing it like Mama does.

Scout is really tired. Yes, that is a bully stick. I demonstrated my chewing skills.  BOL!
After Miss Emily left, I really played with the toys.

Thanks for visiting us and tell Santa we said "thank you for the gifts"
 We enjoyed her visit and hope she finds a greyhound soon!

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