Thursday, December 19, 2013

Our Year In Review - Part 1

We were listening to Christmas music the other day and Mama started talking about the places we have visited this year.  It seems like each place has touched us in some way either with the people we have met or just the places we have visited. We decided to do a brief year in review.

 We ended 2012 and started 2013 right here in Houston in this same campground.  While we were here, we sold our house and purchased our motor home.  We officially became full-timers and, yes, Texans!  When we arrived back here this month, we walked the campground to see who was still here that we knew from our previous visit.  We were really hoping to find the nice couple who brought Mama a Subway sandwich for lunch one day.  They noticed that she was alone during the day and thought she might like a sandwich.  Mama asked if they would be back this year and the lady said she didn't know.  She said they were getting older and she was not sure if they would make the trip again. They had been doing it for a few years.  Unfortunately, they are not here and we hope they are okay.   There was also a couple with a German Shepherd that we hoped to see again.  He was working really hard to train his dog and we would see him running with the German Shepherd a lot.  He is from Canada and we were told they went back home, but they will be returning.  They are not here yet.  Sadly, we have learned of a few people who have died.  We are located near the medical center and there are many patients that stay here while receiving treatment.  Do you remember the Weimaraner who used to use the dash of his motor home as a bed?  Well, his Dad got sick and died.  :-(  The Weimaraner is now living with his family in Florida.  We hope he has a nice yard there.

Us in the dog area in our park.

Our old place.
We left Houston and arrived in Denver on April 1st.  Denver is where the nice lady gave us bags of groceries as she was leaving the campground.  She said they stay in Vail, CO each year during the winter, so they are probably there now.  Denver is also where I made my "great escape" during blizzard conditions.  Yeah, we probably shouldn't talk about that too much.  Denver was not Mama's favorite place. We received 22" of snow in three weeks.  We had to keep the slides in quite a bit and it was cold.  It was there that Mama decided she was not good at winter camping.

Scout enjoyed laying on the beach at the lake in Denver.

Lookout Mountain

The log cabin which we walked to almost every day.

May found us heading to Dallas which was our next destination, but we stopped in Amarillo for a few days first.  We had a lot of fun there even though it was really windy.  We had a site where we had our own dog run.  We also went to Cadillac Ranch and did some painting.

The folks visited the RV museum.  This bus was in the movie RV.

They ate at the Big Texan Restaurant and really enjoyed it.

 Out next stop was Arlington which is near Dallas.  We met Miss Woe there.  Miss Woe is a greyhound that lives in the RV park with her folks.  We were really thinking of her when they had that ice storm recently. The campground posted photos of the ice storm and we were very thankful that we were not there.
Our site in Arlington.
I really liked this campground because of all the squirrels.  We sat outside a lot there.  We had a pretty good size yard.

Memorial Day 2013

The folks visited the Sixth Floor Museum which is also known as the Book Depository.  That is where Lee Harvey Oswald fired the shoots that killed President Kennedy.  Mama said she learned a lot.

Since we are only to the end of May, we will continue this on another day so that no one falls asleep on us.  BOL!

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