Tuesday, December 24, 2013

We Gave Dad His Gift This Morning

We kind of messed up last night when Dad came home, so we decided we better give him his Christmas gift early.  How did we mess up?  Well, we totally ignored him when he came home. Why did we ignore him?  BECAUSE MAMA HAD FRENCH FRIES!  It is really Mama's fault.  We couldn't resist the french fries. They were McDonald fries for gosh sakes!

Scout and I talked about it after the folks went to bed and we decided we better give Dad his gift this morning.  Mama put it in the cabinet with the coffee filters so that Dad would see it right away.  What did we get him?

Doesn't it look like us?  Mama showed it to us online and we decided we had to get it for Dad.  It is not from a photo of us.  It is just a design from an artist, Kelli Swan and it looks just like us. He likes to show his co-workers photos of us and now he can just take his coffee mug to work.

We ordered the matching ornament for Mama.  As you can see, she likes collecting greyhound ornaments.
We are going to have a quiet Christmas. The folks are going out for steak tonight and then tomorrow, Mama is fixing a big dinner.

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