Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Passing Time In Texas

We haven't updated much because there is not much exciting to tell you.  Our weather has been gloomy, but we will take gloomy over ice and snow.  We are so glad we came here instead of Dallas.  Mama is not sure how she would have handled us with all the ice. We are happy we are here.

Yesterday, Mama got her new slow cooker.  She decided to order the Ninja  It gets good reviews.  She found it online at a good price. There was a mix up and she ended up with the "deluxe model".  It has a lot of nice features such as the browning of meat and it even bakes.  She is pretty excited about it. She is trying it out today with a roast.

Scout got a new leash yesterday.  It is a four foot leash.  Mama says she has better control now with both of us on short leashes.  Scout sometimes gets a little nervous when other dogs approach and a shorter leash helps keep her closer to Mama.

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