Friday, December 13, 2013

Santa, We Are Ready!

We are ready for Santa to visit us.

It doesn't look like Christmas time outside though.  Just look at all those flowers.

Palm trees don't make you think it is Christmas time when you are pups from the Midwest.
Mud instead of snow?  Mama is not complaining.  Scout and I like snow though.

The recreation room is ready for Santa.
Are you ready to see our decorations?

Our tree has smaller lights this year and it looks cute.
We have our snowflake lights hung on the windshield.
The mirror behind the stove is decked out in lights.
We have two trees this year!

Gingerbread man and woman are in our kitchen window.
A few people have decorated their rigs. We will try and get photos at night.  We enjoy walking at night and seeing all the lights  It seemed like more people decorated last year.  We hope more people get into the spirit.

The Greyhound Who Forgot To Make A List For Santa This Year

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