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Our 2016 Travel Map


Thursday, February 7, 2013

Our Beds Are Here! BREAKING NEWS at the bottom

Our day did not start out good here.  Mama is cleaning again.  She got the vacuum out today and I hate that thing.  She planned on cleaning the carpet, but realized she has spot remover and not carpet cleaner.  After she finished tormenting me with that vacuum, she said she was going to mop the floors.  It was at that same time that she received a notice from FedEx that our beds were in the office here.  She knew the boxes would be big, so she rushed to get them out of the office so that the office manager wouldn't complain too much.

Mama opened up the first box and my bed came out of the box. When she cut the plastic wrap, the bed came to life and grew.  BOL!  She gave it to me and I immediately laid on it. 

Mama opened up the second box and said "Crud!"   They sent us two different colors.  It was going to be the first time that we have had matching beds and Mama was excited about that.  She looked at the packing slips and they both said "Various Colors".  She checked her order form and they both said Khaki.  One is just a shade darker than the other.  It's not terrible, but they definitely are not the same.  It is too much trouble to send one back.  We have both jumped in the beds, so we will just keep them.

We think Scout is just
They are very comfy as you can tell.  They are Extra Large 52'' Majestic Pet Bagel Dog Bed.  We ordered them from Walmart because they had free shipping and they were able to get them to us faster than other places.  The reviews on them were very good and two of the people who did reviews had greyhounds, so that sold us.  The cover is not removable.  The whole thing goes in the washing machine.  I know, kind of a pain, but we can take it to the laundry here and wash it.  Dad didn't want us to get microfiber because he said it gets nasty looking with our dripping noses. 

Yep, I love my new bed. Sleeping on the floor is not so bad.

The Greyhound Who Thinks His New Bed Is Greyt


While we were writing our blog, Dad called.  Our soon to be new home was side swiped while on a test drive with the mechanic and Dad.  No one was hurt but the motor home lost some paint. The mechanic was driving, thank goodness.  We do not know what will happen now.  We are not sure if we will buy the home.  It is not owned by the dealership, but it was on consignment.  We do not know if the owner will make repairs or what.  Mama had just ordered the insurance to start tomorrow, so she canceled that.  It looks like we will be unpacking what we had packed for now.  Mama and Dad are not upset. They both just laughed.  It has been such a stressful week and everything has been a struggle, so maybe we are not meant to have that home.  Stay tuned. 


  1. Never a dull moment, Joey! Glad your dad and the mechanic are okay. Your new beds look really comfy! Be sure to give your mom and dad lotsa luvs for them. Sweet dreamin' ~


  2. Those beds look so cozy! I love them, and Freedom, Casper & Nikki are green with envy! Boy, oh boy...I'm sorry about the troubles with the new home. You seem to be at peace with what happens and that's awesome.

  3. If I was in the market for a new bed you would have sold me on yours. They do look very comfy. And I have to agree about just laughing at the the situation. Maybe there is something that is even better waiting for you.

  4. The beds look like a life raft after the cord is pulled. Very comfy. 52" is definitely XL. What are the chances that someone doesn't see a motorhome and side-swipes it. It's not like it's the size of a Smart Car.

  5. Joey,
    We like your new beds and we asked Mom to get us some just like them. She said she wanted one for herself because they look so comfy . . . and big! hahahha
    Mom also said she understand how your Mom feels about bed color. She says she can always find two, but NEVER three, matching beds. We really don't care what color the beds are.
    The other day, right near our neighborhood, a tractor trailer truck hit a fire engine. How do you not see a fire engine? The same way you don't see a motorhome, we guess! hahaha
    Seriously, Mom said to tell you she just knows that you all will find the perfect place.
    Truly, Maggie and Walker

  6. Those beds look fantastic! We've never seen anything that looks like that at our Wal-Mart. You're a lucky pair of dogs!

    I'm so sorry about the new RV! I hope the right one comes along soon!

  7. The beds look great! Sorry about the new home being hit. At least you'll have comfy beds to sleep in while you wait to see what happens.

  8. Loving your beds!
    We can't believe anyone could hit a motorhome, it is as big as a barn.
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

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