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Our 2016 Travel Map


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Another Day, Another Hat

We were going to do a Wordless Wednesday, but decided it just was not going to work today.  Mama finished the second hat using a knitting loom.  The first hat was too small.

The first hat only fit our stuffy, Ms. Penguin
 Mama followed the instructions this time and kept saying that she thought this hat was going to be huge.  It is not even round.
This is what the hat looked like on the loom.

It is definitely bigger than the first one.

Yep, it's a little big.

Seriously, Mama...this one is not going to work.

It is so big that I can't even hold my head up.
It is even big on Mama.  If she rolls it up enough, it kind of fits her.  It is supposed to fit most heads.  BOL!  She does not have enough yarn to make another one right now, but she is going to adjust the loom and try it again.

We may need hats for our next destination.  We have starting putting clues on the sidebar.  Anyone care to guess?

The Greyhound Who Thinks It Would Be Easier To Just Buy A Hat At The Store, But It Definitely Would  Not  Be As Funny


  1. Hahahah You look like a Jamaican dog in that first photo.

  2. Oh boy...that does not look very easy, knitting a hat (or two, in this case). It's definitely a bit big but I bet your mom will get it right. Third time is the charm...or so they say.
    *high paws*

  3. Joey...The hat is cracking me up! I think that real big style is trending right now. I can't wait to see the next hat. At least when I get my loom kit, I'll know who to contact for pointers.

    My first guess...Minnesota.

  4. Too cute! I agree it would not be as fun. Keep knitting. Have fun in California? Happy Wednesday!

  5. The hat looks Pawsome and I love dogs in hats, in fact I have one on today today on my post! Wagging Valentine's to you too!

  6. I think the big hat is cool! If you make three more that same size, you all could be a Rastafari family.
    Since I love the movie "Fargo" and based on clue #1, I'm guessing North Dakota. You'll definitely need snow boots there!

  7. Mama hasn't loomed any dog hats, but she has discovered the loom has to fit over the head of the subject or it will be too small. Like wise if it falls over the subjects head it will be too big.

    Love the hat.

  8. Totally Rastafarian. I'm sure they would use it to hold up their dreadlocks.

  9. Are you going to see the biggest ball of twine in Minnesota? Pick up some Spam for me while you're there, will ya? Swing through Tulsa and drop it off? ;)

  10. That is a great hat. I especially love the yarn that you used. I'd love a human one of those for me :)

  11. Other Mum has a knitting loom. You remember that snood she made me that cut off the blood suply to my nose?!! Are you heading for Boston next?

  12. Minnesota would be pretty cold for a RV right now. We are in and out of below zero temps, sometimes even in March. I'm guessing you are going 'west-er' than that, or not as far north.
    Though for some reason Colorado came to mind. So based on the two clues thus far I will guess Colorado. Subject to change depending on what further clues bring. I think big floppy hats are pretty nifty! You could roll it down and cut eye holes in it and use it as a face mask when you are outside in the cold temps! ;)

    Scritches! Sistertex and Mandy

  13. The hat might not fit, but it certainly made us smile! :)