Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hotel Living

We are in the hotel and Scout and I do not like it at all. We want to go back home, but Mama says we have to stay here until we find another house. It's not at all like I thought it would be. I can't do zoomies here. There are boxes all over, but Mama says that will change. She's trying to unpack, but she brought too much stuff. She said some of the stuff will have to go to Grandma's.

Scout and I were so excited all day about our big move. Mama and Daddy packed up the cars and left for a few hours. The Pod man came while they were gone and took it away. After they got home, we did zoomies in our house because it was empty. It's fun doing zoomies in an empty house.

Daddy said that one of us would have to stay behind because there wasn't room for both of us and our beds in the Jeep. We didn't want to stay behind, so we squeezed into the Jeep with our beds and blankets. We could see out the window without even standing up. It was fun. Mama wanted to take photos but the camera was already at the hotel.

Mama cried as we left the house. She said a chapter of our life has ended and while she is very happy, she is a little sad too. I didn't really understand it until we got to this hotel and now I'm sad too.

Mama says our yard here is nice because we have a patio door and it's blocked off for just us. I don't get why she thinks it's nice. It's small. It's not like home at all. I really want to go back home.

The pizza man didn't come tonight. Mama says he will come after we get settled in and can enjoy his visit more.

The Greyhound Who Is Very Sad Tonight

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