Friday, December 31, 2010

What We've Learned After A Week Of Hotel Living

We've been living at the hotel for a week now. Can you believe it? We are having wacky weather today, so that's why we have sunglasses on as well as winter hats. It's going to be near 70 today and then storms and then it will drop to around freezing. Crazy!

Okay, so this is what we have learned so far.

1) Two people and two hounds cannot fit in our little kitchen and if we are all try to fit while Mama is fixing dinner, she gets cranky.

2) It's a good thing that Mama stocked up on the poop bags because Jack is a pooping machine. Petsmart had them on clearance this week, so she bought like over 350. She probably should have bought more.

3) Scout wants to get a Mini Cooper. She is in awe of them whenever she sees one. We keep telling her that she will not fit in one, but she says she is asking Santa for one.

4) Snow is fun to run in, but not to walk in. It gets really old after the first day.

5) We are not anything special here. People know that we are not tigers, deer, gazelles, army dogs, great danes or anything else. A few people have talked to us, but most people ignore us.

6) Some people don't clean up after their dogs which is great for the dogs because they don't have to wait for their Mama's to get the poop bag out of the dispenser and/or coat pocket. On the bad side, our Mama steps in their "remains" and she is not happy about it.

7) The highway traffic is loud and the buses will about blow you off the sidewalk.

8) The dishwasher is really loud and it can't be run while Mama is working since her desk is like two feet from it.

9) There is a guest here that needs to get their car fixed. It makes a terrible screeching noise that can be heard as they circle the parking lot. If we can hear it in our room, we wonder how loud it is for them.

and finally

10) Don't touch cars with your nose because it can set off the alarm.

Jack and Scout
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