Friday, December 24, 2010

A Photo With Santa

This photo was taken two years ago. Mama said we didn't have to see Santa again because we really didn't like it. There were several ankle biters there and then a mean dog tried to attack Jack while we were paying for our photo. It was not a good experience. We know it's not Santa's fault, but we still don't see the need to visit him again. He knows that we are good kids.

We are going to have snow today. Mama is going to stay at the hotel with us and keep us company. Daddy is going to visit family. Tomorrow, we will all be together.

We had an okay night. Mama took us for a longer walk and we were able to explore our new "home". We felt better after that. However, it is noisy here. There are cars zooming by on the highway. We heard sirens. We saw someone's car being towed away. We didn't have any activity like that in Two Greyhound Town. Our ice maker makes a lot of noises. There is a lot to get used to here. Scout slept on the couch last night, so I think she is feeling more comfortable.

I found out that the TV here gets Judge Judy, so that makes me feel better. You know, I love my Judge Judy.

The Greyhound Who Is Living In A Hotel In The "City"

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