Friday, December 31, 2010


We have had tornadoes in the St. Louis area today. We are safe here in the hotel, but a tornado hit the town where we used to live. That's right, our hometown, Robertsville, MO, aka Two Greyhound Town was hit by a tornado. Mama called a neighbor to see if there was any damage to their house and our old house. She was at work, so she does know for sure. We think it's probably okay because the tornado was a few miles from our house. It did destroy a few homes and caused damaged in the town of Robertsville.

There were several tornadoes in the area today. Sunset Hills, where Mama used to work, was hit hard. She still likes to shop in that area. It's really sad seeing all the damage on the news. It's really bad.

We are thankful that we are safe and are sending our thoughts and prayers out to all those who have lost their homes.

The Greyhound Who Is Thankful

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