Friday, December 3, 2010

Today is a BIG Day!

We are having the appraisal and the inspection done today. Mama is happy that it's all being done in one day. She said we won't have to hide all of our stuff anymore after today, but we will have to start packing some of it. She is threatening to put our stuffiies in a Space Bag. We are not sure we like that idea.

The appraiser showed up early. Mama and Daddy were still cleaning when he came. He said everything looked good, but we have to wait for the official answer.

The buyer was a little uneasy being here without an agent, so Mama offered to stay in the RV during the inspection. He said that was fine and even said we could stay in the house during the inspection, but Mama said we would all be fine in the RV. We are in the RV as we are typing this.

After the inspection is over, we are going to drive by a house that just came on the market. It's a two story which is not what we want, but the price makes it hard to not at least look at it.

Mama and Daddy are going to look at some homes on Sunday. We can't go because it's going to be too cold for us to stay in the car. We will have to wait at home.

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