Monday, December 13, 2010

The Pizza Man Better Be Worth It

Moving is a lot harder than I expected. It is disrupting our lives.

Friday, Daddy took our RV to our uncle's house where it will stay through the winter. It was sad to see it leave.

Saturday, the Pod showed up. Mama and Daddy spent the weekend packing things and loading them into the Pod. It's almost loaded and will be picked up this week. Another Pod will then be delivered and Mama says that's when our favorite things; the couch and the big bed will be moved. We are not looking forward to that. Mama is not looking forward to moving the couch. It has recliners built into it, so it's heavy.

We had a little snow on Sunday, so that made Mama worry. She is scared that we will have trouble getting out of here if we get too much snow. We still need to take a few trailer loads of things to Good Will, Grandma's and our uncle's house this week. Mama is really stressing over the weather, but what good does that do? Daddy says she needs something to worry about.

Daddy packed up all of our toys before we had a chance to choose what we wanted to take to the hotel. Mama thought Scout's favorite toy was packed so she said Santa would bring her a new one, but then we found it under the bed. We actually found six of our toys, so even though our limit was supposed to be two, we are taking all six to the hotel.

We've been trying to help with the packing. That bubble wrap sure is a fun invention. It's fun to walk on because it goes pop, pop, pop.

The packing peanuts are messy. They stick to your nose.

Even though it's been a little fun, Scout and I are nervous about this whole moving thing. We don't like all the mess. We just hope meeting the pizza man is worth all of this trouble.

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