Monday, December 27, 2010

Hotel Living

Today is our first "work day" at the hotel. Mama works from home, you know, so now she works from the hotel. Scout and I normally sleep most of the day, but today has been different. We have watched a few dogs walk past our patio door. We saw a housekeeping cart for the first time and Scout barked at it. Greyhounds aren't supposed to bark, but Scout has never been "right". We walked by some office buildings and a restaurant that smells so good. We thought we were going to have to make an emergency trip to the old house because the realtor couldn't get the keyless entry to work on the garage door and today was the walk thru. Mama told us to "hurry, hurry" because it's at least a 30 minute drive and they were waiting for us. They were able to open it though, so instead of turning right around, we went to McDonalds. Yummy! We are starting to like part of this city living.

We are anxious for this snow to melt because it's not fun to walk in. We would still rather be back at home, but Mama says we need to get used to this place because we are going to be here for a while. We drove around looking at homes yesterday, but the roads they were on were too slick and Daddy said he didn't want to go in the ditch with us in the car. I guess it's okay to go in the ditch if it's just Mama with him.

Here are a few photos of us in our hotel room. Mama will take more when she straightens things up, but really, it's pretty hopeless. She makes the bed and we just unmake it. We have our toys, beds and toys all over the room. I think Mama just needs to go with it and enjoy not having to do much of anything. She will have to keep a house clean soon enough.

Our room has a full kitchen, computer desk, couch, chair and the bed, of course. It's like an efficiency apartment. We are used to having 2,600 square feet to run around in, so we are having to be creative with our zoomies and playing. We don't have a hallway to run around in because it's not that kind of hotel. Our door opens up to the outside. Mama is very careful to make sure we are secure before she takes us out.

I still haven't seen the pizza man yet. Maybe he is coming on New Year's Eve?

The Greyhound Who Finds Hotel Living A Little Interesting

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