Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Remember my dream of laying in bed at the hotel with my jammies on waiting for the pizza man? Well, it's not going to happen. Why? Because Daddy put my jammies in the Pod! That's right, my jammies are loaded up and will not be seen until we get to the new house. Not only did Daddy load up my jammies, but also our coats and snoods. Mama had placed them carefully in a Space Bag and put them in a stack of other Space Bag items. Daddy put all the Space Bags in the Pod. :-O That was not supposed to happen. Mama said we are lucky we didn't get put in the Pod. If you are wondering why Daddy doesn't just get them out of the Pod, well, that would take a lot of work. They are behind our box springs and several other big items and well, that is just not going to happen. Mama said she will order us new winter coats tomorrow after we get our room number at the hotel.

Mama messed up and told Daddy to pack the wrong dog bed. Scout is a little miffed. She still has a bed, but it's not her favorite one. This packing sure is confusing. Mama messed up a lot. She had set out the remote to the DVD player so that we would have it at the hotel and then for some unknown reason, she packed it. Yep, it is also Podded. I think we are going to be doing a lot of shopping.

Today is our last day at the house. Mama has to work this morning and then she said we will start cleaning. Tomorrow we move to the hotel!!!!

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