Friday, April 29, 2011

Eaglet News

The eaglets are going to have a webcam and it could start as early as tonight! WVEC said they are getting one ready to go. Mama learned about it in the chat room a few minutes ago. Here is a really nice video of the eaglets new home.

Today has been a beautiful day. It has been sunny and I have been on my deck. I discovered something really neat about the deck. I can watch Scout run in the yard. She looks totally different running below me instead of beside me.

I helped Mama plant a tomato plant today. Yes, just one. We put it in a container on my deck. It will be safe from the bunnies there.

The cows haven't moved in yet, but we do have some down the road. We hadn't noticed them until today. We heard them. They say "MOOOOO, MOOOO". It could become annoying really fast.

We haven't heard the rooster since last week. Mama thought the rooster and the hen were gone, but we saw the hen. Mama said maybe the rooster become Easter dinner. I don't get what she means by that.

Last night, we saw the red fox run by our house. He is very sleek looking. We were surprised to see two small deer in our yard last night. We have animals all around us. We prefer the animals to some of those seedy people that were around us at the hotel.

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