Friday, April 15, 2011

It's Been A Busy Week

We've had quite a busy week in our new home. Daddy went back to work on Tuesday and Mama did get the spare room organized. It still has boxes in it, but it doesn't look a mess anymore. Wednesday, Mama set up her office and then she went to town. We are only six miles from town. Thursday, I had to go to the vet for my yearly check up. The vet said I was one handsome hound and my teeth didn't need to be cleaned, so Mama was very happy about that. We've been working hard on them and I have the typical greyhound's teeth. Scout went to the vet with me for moral support. She got on the scale and has lost four pounds! She was pretty proud of herself. Scout's teeth look great. I keep saying that she is really not a greyhound. After we got home from the vet, Daddy installed our new microwave. Friday, Mama started looking for a new job. She still has one but now that she has high speed Internet, she can find something that pays better. She loves her job, but the pay is really bad. Her battery back up for the computer stopped working, so that caused her stop looking for work. It sounded like an excuse to me, but I was fine with it. Friday afternoon, we did more work around the house. Mama pulled weeds and then cleared out a spot on the carport to park her car before the thunderstorm hit. It seems to storm a lot here. We had snow at the hotel and now storms here. It's just not fair. That's basically our week in a nutshell. We've worked hard, but we've had some good couch sitting time, too.

Do you want to see a few photos? This is our front yard as seen from my view on the couch. Mama and I love sitting on the couch and looking at the field. Today, we saw a red fox run by. We thought it might get the neighbor's chickens, but it didn't. We have a ton of traffic here though. We have a feed store down the road and also an equipment place and both of those result in a lot of activity.

Here's another view of it looking down the road.

Our backyard is pretty big, but it has a big shed in the middle of it. Daddy says the shed makes up for only having an one car garage and a carport. Mama would rather not have it in the center of the yard, but we think it makes it more like a race track going around it.

We have steps going from the deck to the yard, but we don't use them. Mama says that since I jump steps instead of walking down them properly, I will hurt myself and Scout, well, Scout doesn't do more than three steps. Daddy is going to make us a ramp or something to fix the situation and then things will be easier for Mama.

The Greyhound Who Has Settled In Quickly At His New House

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