Monday, April 4, 2011

My Sister Likes To Shower At The Dump Station

Mama decided to be nice to us after she woke us up an hour early yesterday. She and Daddy drove us past our new house for the 20th time and then we stopped at McDonald's for a McChicken. We then headed to a state park to see the campers because Daddy is going through camping withdrawals. It was a warm day. Actually, it was hot! It was 80 and because the trees are still missing their leaves, there is no shade. Daddy said it wasn't hot, but the rest of us thought it was hot. We walked down to the river and what did Scout do? She got in and laid down. She loves the water. I shocked everyone by getting in without being asked to. I started to lay down, but a stick was in my way and it scared me. I did stand in the water though. That's a big improvement over previous years. A few years ago, I was coaxed into a creek. Everyone said "it will be fine Jack, come on in." I went in and fell in a hole. That was scary and I have avoided water since then. Anyway, when Scout got up from the water today, she was covered in mud. Mama said she would have to get a bath because there is no way she could lay on the bed at the hotel. I didn't want to have to ride in the Jeep with her being that dirty. Daddy suggested we take her to the dump station and rinse her off. Mama thought she would throw a fit when Daddy showered her at the dump station, but she liked it. It was clean water, so it was fine. I bet now Scout will want to stop at every dump station she sees to get a shower. I wish Mama would have taken photos of Scout getting her shower so I could show you how strange she is, but there are no photos.

We left the park and then took a scenic drive back home. We, of course, had to drive by the new house again. Daddy says there is no way they are going to be moved out in time. Mama is now nervous about everything going as planned. Our bed is supposed to arrive on Friday, so if the closing doesn't happen on time, it could be a real mess with canceling things. Oh, I forgot to tell you that they ordered the bed on Saturday and Daddy told us he spent lots of money on us because we will use the new bed when they are not in it and Mama bought us a new bed spread. Mama bought herself a new pillow and it is very comfy. I've been using it.

The Greyhound Who Has A Sister Who Likes To Shower At The Dump Station

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