Friday, April 8, 2011

Today's The Day!

Today is the big day! We are moving to our new house! We are not looking excited because we have to stay here most of the day. It turns out that the Pods are going to be delivered very early and Daddy says we will be safer staying in the hotel until later today. He says it will be easier to move things into the house without us being around. Mama says she hopes to have our couch all set up for us when we arrive. We wanted to go and help, but maybe it is better if we aren't in all the mess. We have been stressed enough with being here while they packed up our room.

The hotel is looking really pretty here with the tulips. Here's one last look.

Goodbye hotel! It's been nice staying here but we are moving on!

We will update all of you in a few days from our new house!!!!

Jack and Scout
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