Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring Time Is Noisy

I am so glad that we are moving out of the hotel. This week has been so busy with workers. It's been hard to nap. Monday, the fireplace inspector came in and inspected our fireplace. He said it was dirty. We haven't even used it. We had to the leave the room while he cleaned it. Yesterday, they power washed our sidewalk. That was extremely noisy. The landscapers were here Tuesday and yesterday. They sprayed weeds, fertilized, mulched and cut the grass. It's just crazy here. Normally, the hotel is very quiet during the day. Most people go to work during the day and it's just us and the hotel workers. We don't know what is going on, but it's been busy here all week. Mama has been having trouble getting her parking spot. It's really not her spot, but it's right in front of our room and she has been parking it since December so she says it is hers. Everyone seems to love that spot. We have backed out of it and had people immediately take it. All other spots are open, but they want our spot. It's not even convenient to their room, but they still take it. We don't get it.

Mama said we should write about what we liked and disliked about the hotel. We have been having trouble coming up with a list. We've liked walking and exploring. We haven't liked the snow. We liked being able to see Mama from any spot in the room. We haven't liked not having any privacy. Yes, we do like privacy and there is none here. We liked racing each other when we walk. I have always won. Scout can be in the lead, but she always looses it at the end. She thinks the finish line is at the door, but the finish line is really the first one to get in the room. Tonight, she pulled out some new moves on me though. She was zigging and zagging every which way. Mama and Daddy thought she was really funny. We like that our room gets really dark when the curtains are closed. It can be a really sunny day and it looks like midnight in here. It makes for a good afternoon nap.

We've learned that strange people hang out in office parking lots. There is this one guy that really gives us the creeps. He sits out on the parking curb even on the coldest days. He just parks his car and sits on the curb. We think he might be the one who flosses his teeth there. Whoever does that just leaves the floss on the ground. There is another man who parks on the far end of the parking lot and reads a book. Why doesn't he go to the park? A few weeks ago, there were streakers in our parking lot. We missed that though. It was in the middle of the night and the police were called, but we slept through it. People are really strange.

One more day to the big move. The boxes in the room are making me nervous. I guess I forgot about the mess that a move makes. :::sigh:::

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