Friday, April 22, 2011

We Are Ready For The Weekend!

We have been so busy helping Mama in the office that we need a break. Don't we look tired? It's hard work being a telecommuter pup.

We were quite surprised yesterday when two hummingbirds showed up outside our office window. Here is a photo of one of them. It's not too good because we took his photo through the window.

Mama loves birds and put up the hummingbird feeders and other bird feeders right after we moved in. Today, the goldfinches have found our feeders. We hope the raccoons stay away from our feeders. They were such pests at the old house.

Today, we watched the Norfolk eaglets get banded. It was quite interesting. The next big event will be when they fledge. Mama has been hooked on these live feeds. There are also eaglets in Iowa that we are watching and two sets of hummingbirds in California. The hummingbirds have all fledged but new eggs are waiting to be hatched. We never knew about these live feeds until this year.

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