Tuesday, February 1, 2011


We are waiting for the blizzard to arrive. Yesterday we had freezing rain. Mama was nervous all day, but it never really got bad as far as the sidewalks were concerned. She took us out one at a time and we walked really slow, but we didn't have any problems. Daddy didn't come home because he thought the roads would be really bad this morning. He called last night and we think he has the flu. That's not good. Mama is worried about him. He could still come home before the blizzard arrives, but he is stubborn and probably won't.

Mama has been worried about loosing power because of the ice. This morning, she was taking a shower and the bathroom light went out. We heard her say "well, it's happened". She then discovered that the electric didn't go out, but the heat lamp in the bathroom turned off. LOL She was relieved.

The pizza man and the Chinese food guy don't deliver in blizzards, but we have fish sticks. Daddy made fun of Mama for buying 115 fish sticks at Sam's Club, but who is laughing now? We think fish sticks may catch on as the new blizzard food.

We will take pictures when something finally happens around here. It's pretty dull right now.

The Greyhound Who Is Waiting For the Blizzard

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