Saturday, February 26, 2011

The House Hunting Continues

Mama and Daddy didn't have much success yesterday with their house hunting. The Dalmatian House really wasn't one. It was cream and brown. It looked white and black in the photos. Mama said it was really cute, but the RV wouldn't be able to make it up the driveway. Normally, the folks do a "drive-by" of the houses they are interested in to be sure they really want to see them. They didn't on this one, so it was a waste of everyone's time. The second house is still a maybe, but it's a little further out than they we want to be. It has some really nice updates, so it's move in ready. It only has an one car garage though. It has a small lake across the street and that would be an awesome view to see each day. Mama likes it, but is not sure it's the right house. They viewed a third one that needed a total makeover. The basement had some issues and they were considering it until they read the subdivision by-laws and that particular lot cannot have any out buildings built, so no sheds or carport for the RV. :::sigh:::

We are going to do some "drive-bys" today in a totally different area. Hopefully, we will find something that we like enough to see the inside. We have two main things that we need in a house. We need a place to park the RV and we need high speed Internet for Mama's work. The combination of those two things are causing us problems. We also want a yard that doesn't require us to use steps to get to, but so far, we have been able to get around that problem in most of the houses that we have toured.

The Greyhound Who Is STILL House Hunting

We are participating the blog hop again this weekend. Have fun and we hope you make some new friends!

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