Friday, February 25, 2011

More House Hunting

(Miss Scout in her pink hat.)

Mama and Daddy are going house hunting today. They are looking at three. We are not holding out much hope, but maybe they will like one of them. Mama and Daddy like to nickname the houses they look at. They named one the dirty underwear house because well, the guy left his dirty underwear out all over the house. There was the urine house. We probably don't need to talk any more about that one. Today, they are looking at the "mystery basement house". It's called that because Daddy thinks there may not be an entrance to the basement from the inside of the house. He has not seen any steps for the basement in any of the photos. Mama hopes he is wrong on that. They are also looking at the Dalmatian house. It's a white house that has some black bricks on it and well, it looks like black spots on the house. They even have a black and white polka dotted shower curtain. It's the one that they are the most excited about today.

Guess what? The mean bank people lowered the price on the log home. That's right, they took it down $2,000 and it's lower than the bottom line price that they offered Mama and Daddy. LOL That means no one else put a contract on it and they just didn't want to deal with us. :-P We heard on the news this morning that the mean bank people are wanting more help from the government. Hmmmm.....maybe they should work with the people who have cash in hand and are wanting to buy their houses. It's just a thought.

We had snow this morning. What is up with that? It will be 60 on Sunday, so it won't last long, but I still don't like it.

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