Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Tour Of Our Room

Since we cleaned our room yesterday, Mama said we could take you on a tour of it.

This is our living room. We re-arranged the furniture and we like it much better. The plants came from our house.

This is the bedroom area, obviously. Sorry for the shiny eyes. Mama used the flash and now she won't help me get rid of them.

We stack the beds during the day and at night my bed goes on the left side of the bed which is Mama's side. She can cover me up easily that way. It works well except she has to step over me to use the bathroom. The other night she knocked a glass of water on me, so that was not good, but usually it works out fine.

The bathroom is to the left of the bedroom. It has really nice granite tops.

Here is the kitchen. The desk is where Mama works and it is also the kitchen table.

The website says our room is 480 square feet. Our old house was 2,600 square feet. Mama says that it has been good for her to get used the smaller space because when we move into the next house, it will seem huge compared to our hotel room. She has found that having a small kitchen isn't bad and actually is more efficient than having a big one because she doesn't have to take as many steps to do things. She does have to put the baking sheets on the fax machine when she uses the oven and we do have the blender and crock pot on the floor when they are not in use, but it works for us.

I hope you enjoyed a tour of our room. It's the place we call home right now.

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