Friday, February 4, 2011

Finally Friday

(Jack and Scout in 2009)

It's been a long week here. Daddy made it home Wednesday night. He's still sick, so he's not walking us or anything like that. He said he's feeling better and will probably start walking us this weekend. We ended up with like 4" of sleet, some ice and a few inches of snow. It wasn't the blizzard that was predicted, but people not far from us did get the deep snow. It did cause a lot of problems on the roads, but the sleet has been pretty easy for us to walk on. We don't sink in it. We just walk right on top of it.

Yesterday, we had to take Scout to the vet. Mama noticed blood during her morning pee. The vet said to come in ASAP even though Scout was not showing any other signs of not feeling well. Mama was a little nervous about driving to the vet because of the road conditions. She finally got her confidence up and then Daddy came home and drove us anyway. I got to go only because Daddy came with us. I didn't want to stay home alone, but Mama said if Daddy hadn't come home, I would have had to because she couldn't leave me in the car in the cold and I didn't want to visit the vet myself. It turns out that Scout has a bladder infection and has to take medicine for a little while. The vet said that a lot of people notice blood in urine when it snows because it's easy to see. I hope that the medicine makes Scout nicer. Let me just tell you that I know why female dogs are called the "B" word. Sometimes I just walk close to her and she barks at me. Sheesh! Oh, Scout wanted me to mention that she has lost two pounds. She needs to loose more than that, but she is proud that all her walking around the hotel complex is working.

We had Chinese food last night! Mama had General Tso, so we didn't get any of the chicken. We did get a few bites of the leftover won tons.

Mama has to go to the police station today and get fingerprinted! She has to do it for her job. She thinks it's pretty silly considering that she just calls places to verify employment for people who have applied for jobs. Apparently, she has to be a licensed private investigator in Texas in order to call people in Texas. She still doesn't understand because no one ever asks her if she is licensed or even what her name is. It didn't really bother her at first about being fingerprinted, but now she is getting a little nervous about it. Should she be nervous having her fingerprints on file for a job that pays so little?

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