Monday, February 21, 2011

The Power Of Marketing

Mama is off today for President's Day. She decided to leave us behind and go to the mall and then do some other shopping. Can you believe that? She stopped at Trader Joe's. It was her first time. She said she met the nicest people. There were some elderly gentlemen that recommended the sweet potato fries. They were even giving her tips on how to prepare them. One of the men told her to spray olive oil on them. She had never thought of that and luckily, Trader Joe's had the spray. The checkout lady even told her it was great and to try it on salad. Anyway, the reason we are telling you all of this is because Mama brought us something special from Trader Joe's and the only reason she bought it was because of the box.

Do you see why? There is a greyhound on the box! His name is Bradley. We have to say that the peanut butter treats get 8 paws up from us. Yep, we love them. We are so glad that Bradley put his photo on the box otherwise we would have never have gotten them. Yep, that's the power of marketing and we are glad that Mama fell for it.

Thank you to everyone for their nice comments concerning us not getting the house. We really wanted it and we could still buy it, but they just want more money than we are willing to pay for it. It needed too many repairs and Daddy said we would be loosing money on it. If the bank people come to their senses, then we will re-consider. We know that is not very likely. LOL We hope something good comes on the market this week. Mama is starting to feel like we are just going to have to settle on something. :::sigh:::

The Greyhound Who Likes Trader Joe's

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