Friday, February 18, 2011

Fire Alarms

(Scout in her pool in 2007. She wished she could jump in a pool yesterday.)

We are going to the park and out for lunch today because the hotel is going to test the fire alarms. They are going to come in our room and test ours and that's probably not too bad, but Daddy said they will set the alarms off all over the hotel at the same time and it will be loud. They will go off for at least 5 minutes. Mama thinks we will be scared, so that's why we are leaving. We have to clean our room before we make our escape though. Mama doesn't want the hotel people to see our room in it's natural state. LOL

Yesterday, we had to turn our air conditioning on. It was 76 degrees here! It was a beautiful day.

Mama says the mean bank people are making her jump through hoops, but we haven't seen any hoops in our room. Our agent told us not to get too excited because he doesn't know if the latest hoop jumping means that our offer has been accepted or not. Daddy thinks it's good news, but Mama says that they could just be leading us on just to tell us no, again. If they tell us no, Mama says we are going to walk away, at least for a while. Daddy says the same, so we will see what happens. This house buying is stressful!

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