Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Car Washes Are Scary!

This morning Mama asked us if we wanted to go for a ride. Scout and I got all excited. We were dancing around and couldn't wait. It was not a fun ride. Why? She took us to an automatic car wash! It was so scary! Scout and I were both shaking in our paws. It was loud and water was banging on our windows. Then, we went under the dryer and it nearly sucked us through the sunroof! When we got back to the hotel, Mama said we could go on a walk. No way! We wanted to get back to the safety of our room. We are giving Mama the stink eye now.

Yesterday, the hotel people surprised Mama with a Valentine's present.

It's grape juice and chocolate. She thought it was a really nice surprise.

Mama re-arranged the living room furniture yesterday. We have more room now. I can almost do zoomies in the room now. The couch seems more comfy now that it has been moved.

No word from the mean bank people. They appear to be ignoring our offer. It's not looking good. Mama is pretty stressed about it all.

Sorry about my short and matter of fact post today. I'm still shaking over the car wash incident.

The Greyhound Who Is Probably Going To Have Nightmares About Car Washes

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