Sunday, February 13, 2011

We Saw The Cabin

Yesterday the folks drove out to see another house. They had a heck of a time finding it. They had two different set of directions and even Tom Tom said the place didn't exist. The directions said to turn on an unmarked road and the approximate miles the directions gave were two miles off. They thought the realtor would have a sign up on the road, but she didn't. Finally, they found the house. Mama said it looked really nice from what she could tell peeking through the windows. It's a foreclosure, so it's empty. Mama liked it, but they decided it was too far out. It's about fifty miles from Daddy's work and we need to be within forty miles.

Later in the day, they told us we could go with them while they drove past houses that they were interested in. We only found one that we thought was nice. Two of the houses were on really bad roads. One road was so bad that we had to put it in four wheel drive and we still didn't know if we would make it. It was muddy and bumpy and still had some ice on it. We decided that even though the Jeep could make it, the RV wouldn't like it at all. Scout thought it was fun driving on the bumpy roads.

Mama asked if we wanted to see the log cabin and we said we did. Oh, we loved the road. It reminded us of home. It felt like a nice place to live. We didn't get out of the car when we pulled into the driveway of the log cabin, but we liked what we saw. There is a golden retriever who lives next door and Scout thought he looked very nice. We really hope we get the house. Oh and you know what we saw as we were leaving? THE PIZZA MAN! Yes, the pizza man comes with the log cabin. We were quite surprised, but Daddy told us we were only about two miles from the pizza place. What could be better than that? We have all our paws crossed that we get the house, but Mama says those bank people seem to be mean so we can't get our hopes up. :::sigh:::

Today, we are going to get our nails done and then we are going to the park and we are going to walk until we can't walk any more. It's a beautiful day here!

The Greyhound Who Is Dreaming Of Living In A Log Cabin

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