Thursday, November 14, 2013

Jesse James Bank Museum

The folks visited Liberty, MO last Saturday.  Mama wanted to tour the Jesse James Bank Museum.  This is the site of the nation’s first successful daylight peacetime bank robbery.  The robbers were never actually caught but the robbery was attributed to the James Gang. Jesse James was not involved, but his brother, Frank was.  It is misleading to call it the Jesse James Bank Museum since he was not involved.

The robbery took place on February 13, 1866.  The bank teller was completely taken by surprise since banks had not been robbed in daylight before this one.  He and his son were locked in the safe after the robbers took all the money.  Unfortunately, they shot and killed a young man who was on the street as they were leaving.  They wanted to create a distraction, but Mama thinks they brought more attention to themselves by doing that.  They escaped easily.  The bank never re-opened after the robbery. Money was not insured back in that day and they were unable to pay back the people who had put their money in the bank.

Jesse James Bank Museum
The bank counter.  The white bars were not originally in the bank, but the person who turned it into a museum thought it made it look more like a bank.
Another view of the bank - definitely looks different from the banks we see today.

Desk located behind the counter.

Original stove which was in bank.

A rare Seth Thomas clock, set for the exact time and date of the robbery. 
Bank vault
Mama said the museum was interesting and the tour guide made the events of that day come to life.  There is also another room that has a lot of photographs of the James' family.

The price of the tour is $6 a person.  Mama enjoyed it.  Dad said he did too, but we are not sure if he really did.  BOL!

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