Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Scout Is A Senior!

Today is Scout's birthday!  She is eight which makes her a senior!   It is a big deal to Mama because big brother Jack never got to be a senior.  :-(

When Mama was looking for a sibling for Jack, she wanted a petite, fawn girl.  As you know by now, Scout is not petite nor a fawn.  Scout's foster Mom told Mama that all Scout wanted was someone to love her.  I think that is why the folks adopted her.  Isn't that what we all want though?

Scout has always been stubborn and basically gets her way because she is so stubborn.  The folks made a deal with her this year that on hot days, she only has to walk in the morning and at night.  She took that further and decided if the sun was out and she felt it was too warm for her, that she shouldn't have to walk.  She makes up for her lack of summer walking this time of year.  She loves to walk on cool days and even enjoys a really cold day.  Fall and winter are her seasons.

Do you know what she got for her birthday?  She got a senior card.  That's right, she now has a card to show that she has senior privileges.  I bet she uses that card all the time.

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