Monday, November 18, 2013

Psychiatric Museum and Chicken Feet

Scout is doing fine after injuring herself while running last Thursday. She says she is ready to run, but Mama says "No!"  It was quite windy here on Saturday and Sunday and Scout was trying to run while on her leash.  We went to the dog park, but we were not allowed to play. Scout had to go into the small fenced area and I went into the large one.  It is not much fun just looking at each other.  We hope Mama lets Scout run later in the week.  We took a super long walk through the woods today because Scout loves walking in the woods and I needed to wear down my "battery pack".  Mama seems to think that I re-charged my batteries last night and she wanted to wear me down.  I don't think it worked because I still have ENERGY!

The folks visited the Glore Psychiatric Museum on Saturday.  Mama said it was actually quite disturbing.  She said she got a little scared when they were on a floor of the hospital all alone and she heard some strange noises. She whispered to Dad that she heard it might be haunted.  He just laughed but she was happy when they left that area and were with people again  The museum shows the history of the hospital that was known as “State Lunatic Asylum No. 2.”  The hospital opened in 1874 and closed in 1997.

Pill bottles hang down three floors of the museum.

 The museum has a lot of exhibits showing the crafts that the patients made.  Many of the patients were quite talented. The women who were said to be violent made very sweet blankets and other things for children. There are also displays showing treatments and devices that were used on patients.  Mama found that part disturbing.  She did not take photos of those items. There is also a morgue.

What is this photo?  Is it a craft?  

No, this was found inside a woman.  Staff discovered she was eating these items.  Surgery was performed on her and she did not survive. There were over 1,400 items found in her.

There is another section of the building that has a Civil War, doll, American Indian and Black archives exhibits. Those exhibits were also interesting.

The price is $6 per person, but Mama had a buy one get one free coupon.

After they left the museum, they decided to eat lunch. They checked the GPS and it said there was a place called Crumbly Burger nearby.  Mama figured it would "old fashioned" burgers.  The place is small and was crowded.  Guess what? The burgers are actually crumbly.  BOL!  Mama said it was really good.  It had cheese, pickle and onions.

Crumbly Burger

We had an order of bully sticks arrive last week.  Mama surprised us with chicken feet.  Yep, chicken feet.  We know some greys eat them raw.  I really didn't care for them.  Scout thought they were good though. Mama clipped the nails for us.

We apologize for any typos.  The W, V, H are among the letters that our keyboard no longer likes.  We try to proof it, but typos still get through.  Mama says besides needing a new computer, she needs new glasses.  BOL!

The Greyhound Who Prefers A Bully Stick To A Chicken's Foot ~ Not Sure What That Says About Me  BOL!

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