Friday, November 15, 2013

Scout Has Been Sidelined

Yesterday, we went to the dog area in our campground as usual.  Scout and I played, but then Scout stopped.  Mama thought something was wrong and checked Scout's feet and everything seemed fine.  We started walking home and Scout walked slow, but she sometimes does that.  Mama told her there was a frosty treat waiting for her at home and she smiled and picked up the pace.  That usually works.  After Scout ate her frosty, she stood up and wouldn't put weight on her foot. Mama checked it and it looked okay.  She gave Scout some medicine.  Four hours later, Scout got up and was much worse.  Mama called Dad and told him and he said to call the vet and he would start making his way home.  Mama called the vet.  Scout then decided she wanted to go outside which scared Mama because she would have to take her down the steps.  She actually did fine on the steps.  Scout did better walking outside then in the RV.  She put weight on her foot and walked pretty good.  The only problem was that Scout put her face into a rose bush and her face got stuck. She screamed. Mama had to pull the thorns from her face.  Ouch!  When she got back to the motor home, Scout did the steps just fine.  Mama called Dad and they discussed Scout's walk.  Mama decided that a vet wasn't necessary since Scout was getting on furniture by herself which meant she was putting weight on that leg, plus doing the steps showed she wasn't as bad as Mama thought.  Mama was still worried and very happy when Dad finally got home around 7 p.m.  We went out for our evening walk at 8 and Dad agreed that she walked much better outside then in the RV.  Mama figured Scout would be really sore or stiff this morning.  She took us out individually and when it was Scout's turn, she did fine.  She is a little stiff, but she is doing fine.  We are all happy.  However, Mama said there will be no running for Scout for a while.  I kind of think that Mama would be happy if we never ran again so that she could protect us from injuries.  She is always nervous when we run and now she can say "See, I told you so."  :::sigh:::

Tomorrow, the folks are going to the Glore Psychiatric Museum.  It is on the list of 1001 things that you should do before you die.  Mama ate at a restaurant that is also on that list and she said she could have skipped it and been happy.  BOL  

The Greyhound Who Is Happy That His Sister Is Feeling Better Because She Was Taking Way Too Much Attention Away From Him ~ BOL!

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