Monday, November 4, 2013

We Need A Green Screen!

It is that time of year again.  Yep, it is time for photos to be taken of us for the annual Christmas card.  I knew we were in trouble when Mama started knitting us scarves to wear.  Then, she signed up for the Greytalk Card Exchange.  She agreed to send a few international cards and those have to be in the mail by December 1st.  She said she really needed to get in gear.  She finished the scarves Saturday night.  Sunday, she got out the Christmas lights and the tree.  Now, remember, we are in a RV, our tree is small.  We actually have two trees this year.  They are both very small though.

She set everything up and we put our scarves on and then the craziness started.  Dad just laid on the couch and watched.  He then decided to help, but he couldn't handle us any better than Mama.  He said we needed a green screen so that he could wear green and just hold us in place and Mama could add any background she wanted.  We all agreed that sounded like a great solution, but we doubt it will ever happen.  The folks finally gave up and took down the Christmas decorations.

Today, Mama set up the Christmas decorations again and told us that we needed to get this done because we had a deadline. Walgreens has a 40% off sale on cards and photos and it ends on Wednesday.  Yikes, that is a lot of pressure for a greyhound. Guess what? The camera battery was dead.  We had to wait an hour for it to charge and then we were able to start our photo shoot.

Did we mention that we were getting paid with chicken livers as our treats?  Yep, the folks ate at Stroud's on Saturday and had some left over.

Today's photo shoot was much more fun than the one yesterday.  We had Mama laughing with stunts like this:
This is our favorite and really got Mama laughing.

Is my nose really this big?

I've been told that I am the problem child in these photos.  I don't know about that.  I think I make them FUN!
See, Scout is boring.  BOL!
Mama never did get the photo she dreamed of even after 85 photos, but the deed is done.  She spent a few hours deciding which picture would be "suitable" and then she placed her order with Walgreens.  The cards will be here next week.  We are glad that is done for another year, but we really enjoyed the chicken livers.  We will show you the picture that Mama chose when it gets closer to Christmas.

The Greyhound Who Can't Stand Still Long Enough For A Photo Session

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