Tuesday, November 26, 2013

More Babbling

We are wrapping up our time here in the Kansas City area. We enjoyed our campground, Basswood RV Resort.  It is located in the country.  We walked the trails in the woods almost every day and we enjoyed the dog park until Scout got hurt.  She is fine now, but Mama doesn't want her to run too much. Scout has turned into a walking fool here.  She loves walking in the woods and she loves the cold weather.

The folks learned a lot about President Truman by visiting his library/museum and home. They also visited the WWI Museum as well as a Pioneer Trails Museum which I guess we never got around to talking about here.  If you are interested in Jesse James, this is the place to visit.  His boyhood home as well as the house he was killed in are here.  The folks visited both of those several years ago.  There is a lot of history here and it is a nice place to visit.

Sunday, the folks went to Crown Plaza which is a shopping center in downtown Kansas City.  Hallmark Visitors Center is there, but it is closed on Sundays. The folks visited there 27 years ago on their honeymoon.  BOL!  They did some shopping at a dog themed store where Dad bought Mama some greyhound socks.  They also shopped at Function Junction which is a kitchen store that Mama loves.  They ate at a restaurant called Fritz's Railroad Restaurant.  This is a restaurant where your food is delivered by a train. Customers place their orders at their table by a phone.  The food comes by train, but the drinks are brought out by waitresses. The restaurant is probably more for children, but there were adults there without children.  The folks enjoyed eating there.  Mama said it was fun watching the food come out. She took photos, but they are with her cell phone and some are blurry.

There is a train at the top.  It goes around the track at the top of the wall.

The train drops the food off on a platform and then it lowers to the table.

Here is the food: 2 burgers, mushrooms and fries.

The burger had hash browns on it

Can you see the train in the center at the top?  Mama really should have brought her regular camera.
We will hit the road tomorrow.  We will be spending a few days with family before heading to Texas.  If you don't hear from us for a few days, don't worry.  We are going to be busy until we get to Houston next week.  Dad is flying back to Kansas City next Wednesday and we will be there (here)  for three weeks.  We don't know what the plans are after that.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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