Monday, November 25, 2013

Pony Express Museum and Some Babble

We took a break from posting because there isn't much interesting going on here.  We will do a quick summary of what is up with us.


It has been cold here.  We have not been above freezing for the past four or five days. They kept telling us it would warm up, but each day we have been disappointed.  The wind did not help.  Saturday night was the worse with the temperature dipping to 14.  We are not sure what it was with the windchill.  Even though we have a nicer motor home than last year, it is still drafty in here.  The floor is cold. Since we do not have skirting around our motor home, cold air gets under it and makes the floor cold.  We have stayed bundled up in blankets and we have two space heaters going. We didn't really kick on our furnace until Saturday night because we have been conserving our propane.  Mama said if we were staying here through the winter, we would rent a big propane tank.  That is what the people who stay here all winter do.  When the sun comes out, it really helps heat up our place. It can be below freezing, but if the sun is out, it helps us a lot.  Today, it will be above freezing!  Mama is very happy. She was almost giddy that it was 30 degrees when we woke up this morning.  Mama is getting anxious to leave here and head to warmer weather in Texas. Scout loves the cold weather, but I prefer weather where my ears don't get cold. 

We are very lucky that we are not having white or frozen stuff coming down on us like it is in other parts of the country. We thought we might have ice on Friday morning, but it was okay. Our step was icy, so Mama put salt on it.  We are thinking of Miss Woe (greyhound) and her family who we met when we were in Arlington.  We hope they are okay. We heard there are power outages in the area.


Dad has strep throat.  He is no longer contagious since he is taking medicine.  He went to the Minute Clinic at CVS Pharmacy.  That is really a nice option for us since we don't have a doctor here and our insurance covers it.


The folks were told Oklahoma Joe's is a must try restaurant.  They have three locations in Kansas. The folks went on Saturday. They said they open at 11 a.m., but the folks arrived at 11:05 a.m. and the place was full. They waited in line about 15 minutes.  Mama didn't think they would get a table, but they did. Yes, it was good.  Sorry, no photos.  When they left, people were lined up outside and it was a cold day!  Mama said it was crazy.


The folks visited after spending time at the psychiatric museum last weekend.  The museum is small, but interesting.  Mama didn't realize that the Pony Express was only used for a year.  There is a short film that shows the history of the Pony Express.  Visitors then take a self guided tour.  The museum is on the site where the Pony Express started. There are displays showing the route, the shelter they had when they changed riders, etc.  Mama didn't take many photos.  These are of a buffalo that was painted.  Mama thought it was pretty.

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