Tuesday, January 18, 2011

House Hunting Update

The house that Mama was so excited about turned out to be a dud. It was beautiful in 2006, but the next owners decided to be creative and really messed it up. Daddy said it would take about $40,000 to get it back in shape. We would have to do several things before we would even be able to get an occupancy permit. We are passing on that house.

They did look at another house that they are still interested in. It's out of our price range, but not dramatically. Mama says she doesn't like it enough to take a loan out for it, but if they willing to take what we have in cash, then she would buy it. It needs new flooring, paint and eventually a new kitchen. Daddy said he would move the laundry room upstairs and also do some other work to make it where we would all like it. It has a huge yard and it's already fenced. Daddy said it meets all of our requirements, but they don't love it. Daddy said he needs a structural engineer to come out because there has been problems with a basement wall and he's really concerned about that. They haven't made an offer yet because they are still thinking on it and Daddy is going to be out of state next week and will be hard to reach for any negotiations. I think if it's still available and nothing else comes along, they will make an offer when Daddy gets back.

The hotel was busy with guests who were in a hockey tournament last weekend. We had lots of boys running around here making noise. They were pretty nice though and petted Scout and I.

We had Chinese food delivered on Sunday night. We enjoyed that.

It's supposed to snow tomorrow night. We really do not like walking in the snow, so we are not happy about it.

I guess that is about all that is going on here. It's a gloomy day, so Scout and I are going to nap while Mama works.

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