Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Pizza Man Is Real!

Yesterday, we spent the entire day driving around looking at houses. We looked in three different counties and I think there were 13 in all. We found two that we were interested in seeing again, but then discovered that one of them does not have high speed Internet which is a requirement due to Mama's job. It is definitely frustrating and some of the roads getting to the houses were terrible. We are not talking just being gravel because we lived on a gravel road we are talking roads that if you didn't have 4-wheel drive, you wouldn't make it. They don't tell you that when you are looking at them on the Internet.

We got home around 5 p.m. and Mama said she was too tired to cook and Daddy said "it sounds like the Pizza Man needs to come." I couldn't believe my ears. Mama didn't even have to call him on the phone. She just ordered it on the Internet. A little bit later our phone rang and he was asking for directions. The next thing we knew, he was knocking at the door. Daddy stepped out to get the pizza, so I didn't actually see him. I guess the next time I will stand at the window to see what he looks like. I did hear him speak, so I know he is real. Daddy is going out of town in a week, so Mama said we will order again while he is out of town.

The Greyhound Who Was Visited By The PIZZA MAN!

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