Sunday, January 9, 2011

Weekend Update

Mama and Daddy went house hunting on Friday. They looked at five and said that only one is still on their list. Mama said three of the homes were foreclosures and while they are not afraid of foreclosures, these were terrible. The house they bought in 1990 was a foreclosure and it was not in bad shape. It was just outdated. It had wallpaper in the living room that had dead trees on it. Mama said the house was built in the 70's and it was still in the 70'w when they bought it. Anyway, the foreclosures they looked at Friday were in really bad shape. Daddy said they were not a good deal considering they would have to be completely gutted. He is willing to do a kitchen or a bathroom, but not both. The pictures on the Internet didn't look bad, but in person, they were. The one house was only three years old and Mama thought in the pictures it looked like the carpet had mud on it. It was not mud. It was stained with urine. The entire carpet was covered in urine. Mama said she had trouble breathing in that house.

Yesterday, they went to an open house, but no one was there. What's up with that? They came home and checked the computer and yes, it was scheduled for yesterday, but they guess it was canceled and not updated. Grrr!

Mama bought a new coat yesterday because she is freezing on our walks. She got new gloves, too, so she is set for the snowstorm that is coming tomorrow. We are not looking forward to more snow.

Today, they are headed out to look at three more homes. There is one that Mama is really interested in and if these pictures lie, Mama is going to give up on the Internet search. LOL She said that she thinks one of the three will be nasty, but Daddy is determined to see it.

Scout and I are not happy being left behind on these home searches, but Mama says it's for the best. Best for who? I think we should have a say on where we live.

Daddy is headed out of town tomorrow, so you know what that means? Pizza man is coming over. Oh, that doesn't sound very proper does it? He's just bringing us pizza and then leaving. LOL

The Greyhound Who Doesn't Like Being Left Behind On Home Searches

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